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The figure of real estate personal shopper in Mallorca

Dreams that can come true.

During our early childhood we dreamt of so many marvellous things. How many of them came true at that time? Some of us have wished to fly like a bird in the sky (without any mechanical help, of course!), some to touch the stars, some wanting to play the whole time without having to do school homework, etc. Needless to specify if any of these came true. But when we dreamt of achieving good grades, many of us did! It was a feasible one. That’s when we start to realise that dreams can come true, we just must choose the right path.

Have you ever dreamt of having your dream home on an island, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, with a cosmopolitan yet traditional and relaxed lifestyle? Why not?

Mallorca is a dream island for many of us who know it because we already live there, and for others who know it because they have visited it for a few days on holiday, have seen it through internet television, magazines, photographs, or have a friend who has told them about it. If you are reading this article, it is because, surely, you have the dream of living or having your second home in Majorca, and you are looking for information on how to go about it.

If so, you should know that, to avoid frustrating your dream and to ensure the entire search and buying process of your house to be a wonderful journey with no stones in the way, you need a team of professionals by your side who think for you, feel for you and stand up for you alone.

HOUSETROPIA is a project that was born to help fulfil this dream. The dream of settling in Mallorca and finding your real home, the one you really dream of.

In Mallorca alone 14.146 properties have been sold in the last year. There are 947 traditional real estate agencies that manage thousands of properties a year for their clients (the sellers). However, the property stock is not only made up of properties for sale by estate agents. There are many more properties for sale, you just have to know how to find them.

Personal Shopper Real Estate services in Mallorca

In HOUSETROPIA we provide Personal Shopper Real Estate services, being the only company in Mallorca that belongs, through Mr. Raul Sagarra Tapia, to AEPSI, “Asociación Española de Personal Shopper Inmobiliario”. https://www.aepsi.es/quien-2/ (equivalent to the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agent – NAEBA, USA.)

A Real Estate Personal Shopper is a real estate advisor who positions and defends, in an exclusive and decisive way, the interests of his or her BUYER client (also known as Buyer Agent), from the search of the property and during the whole process of selection, negotiation and purchase of the same.

Sometimes the simplicity of this term does not allow us to see the depth of its concept.

The value proposition of the Real Estate Personal Shopper

We do not sell properties, but we look for them, considering the specific wishes and preferences of each of our clients and all the circumstances that surround them. Our aim is that every step you take with us, you do so with the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that at the end of this journey you will have bought your home, because only one of those thousands was yours, the one that was waiting for you. No worries, no frustrations.

Our team will guide you along this beautiful journey as a lighthouse points out that the end of this journey is the arrival at “good harbour”.

As Shakespeare said, All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.” With Hosetropía, you will only have a single interlocutor throughout this journey, because we interpret all the paperwork you need to make your dream of owning a home or second home in Mallorca come true.

We are experts in the real estate market, endorsed by the AEPSI, and lawyers; but above all, we are a team of people who, just like you, pursued this dream and made it come true. Hence our motivation to help you from the beginning to the end, as a lifestyle and not a business.