Exclusive Buyer’s

Our mission: Find your home in Majorca at the best price, saving you worries and setbacks.

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of our life.

We are aware of how complicated the whole home buying process is, especially when you do not know the language, the procedures, the applicable legislation or the market prices.

That’s why, it is essential to know all the available options in the market and to have the advice of an expert to guide you to find the home of your dreams.

At HOUSETROPÍA, we are a team of professionals who exclusively defend your interests as a buyer. We search for properties for you, among all those that adapt to your needs. We negotiate to guaranty the lowest price for you than you had imagined, moreover providing you with legal, financial and technical advice throughout the purchase process.

Through HOUSETROPÍA, as a Real Estate Personal Shopper in Majorca, you will be able to know all the properties available in the market (not only those published on websites or in real estate agencies) so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Honesty and impartiality are two of the characteristics that define us because we work independently with the entire property terrain of Majorca equally.
HOUSETROPÍA is a company backed by the SAGARRA ABOGADOS law firm, which undoubtedly provides our clients with added value compared to other professionals. We guarantee technical and legal advice so that the only concern of our clients, throughout the purchase process, is to think about enjoying the home of their dreams.

Do you want
to know what our
method is?

We speak your language; we have the best team, and we use the most advanced technology.

We will accompany and guide you throughout the purchase process always and exclusively defend your interests by advising you:

We will work to minimize costs and guaranty the speed and quality of all the necessary procedures until registration in the Property Registry. We verify the legal and urban situation of the property, we check its charges (mortgages, debts with the community, liens, etc.), we take care of the drafting of the necessary documents for the sale. This way you will save, worries, time and money.

We will take care of reviewing the characteristics of the site or the house, as well as the property as a whole. We ensure a clear and in-depth knowledge of your situation and its possible future evolution in order to plan the necessary actions and foresee possible improvements.

You will know what the market prices are to ensure a good purchase. We will advise you on the financing possibilities that exist.


  1. We meet with you in person to set objectives and to define the characteristics of the property you are searching for.
  2. We will exhaustively search the entire property terrain in Majorca for the properties that best suit your priorities. We have a network of contacts, collaborators and search systems that provide us with information on all properties, even those that are not published, but are susceptible to sale.
  3. We will draft a report for you containing exhaustive information on all the properties visited and we will meet with you in person or through videoconference to exhibit its content and to select the most interesting options.
  4. We will visit with you the properties selected in the previous meeting, saving you absurd visits.
  5. We will negotiate the purchase price for you, exclusively defending your interests.
  6. We will draft and supervise all the documentation related to the sale, assisting you in the signing of contracts and deed of sale.

Advice and management of building or renovation works.

Our goal: build your home by being by your side throughout the process.

In the event of you wanting to build the home you dream of on a rustic plot or land or the home that fulfils your wishes that needs renovation, we will accompany you from start to finish in the process of building or renovating your new home.

  1. We will meet with you to determine which are the professionals you need.
  2. We will advise you on the necessary authorisations and licenses required by the administrations to be able to build.
  3. We will carefully search for the best professionals (architects, decorators, builders, landscapers, service companies, etc.).
  4. We will study and negotiate the budgets.
  5. We prepare or supervise the contract (s) for construction works and / or services that must be signed with all professionals who must intervene in the execution of the work.
  6. We monitor the execution of the building work, (including visits to the construction site) supervising and demanding compliance with the contract by the contracted companies, exclusively defending your interests.

Other services
you will need
to live in

We know the difficulties that exist when we want to live in a country that is not ours.

The language, regulations, procedures.

At HOUSETROPÍA we will perform all these services for you: