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My job is to help professionals to achieve their industrial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way.


House vs Home

“The interior should be much better than the exterior in everything. There are people who put everything in the facade, we find houses that were left unbuilt because the money ran out.” Quote from  – BALTASAR GRACIAN –

Throughout this last century, there have been many psychological and sociological studies on the meaning of housing.

The meaning of housing goes far beyond the purely instrumental shelter or place where we perform daily tasks”. –  COOPER –

Through the house, the satisfaction of numerous aspirations takes place, manifesting this place and its contents as a mirror of the self”, our family, and our personal identity.  . – AMÉRIGO Y PEREZ LOPEZ –

“Housing is not only a physical environment, but it is also a cognitive and social affective concept.” – GRIFFORD –

Consequently, a house is not the same as a home.

What should really matter to us is our family, to feel pride, and satisfaction, and generate positive memories. That must be our aspiration.

The goal is to find the right people. Those that drive us to be what we aspire to be.

We must know how to choose our friends, our mentors, our partners in business; but above all, our home. Because a home is the epicenter of our day to day.

Do you want to be positive?

Spend time with positive people Do you value excellence?

Surround yourself with people who seek it out and take responsibility for their actions.

Looking for a real home? Trust those who know its meaning and have all their time to guide you. Only then will you be sufficiently prepared to find it.