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My job is to help professionals to achieve their industrial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way.


Mi nombre es Raul Sagarra y ayudo a familias como la tuya a encontrar un hogar en España

Tengo 43 años. Nací en Zaragoza en el seno de una familia con tradición jurídica (tres generaciones de abogados). Me licencié en derecho, y en 2004 me colegié comenzando a ejercer de abogado junto a mi padre Luis Javier Sagarra de Moor, especializándome en derecho inmobiliario, de la propiedad, urbanístico y de la edificación. A día de hoy, Sagarra Abogados es un despacho familiar con 48 años de experiencia.

My name is Raul Sagarra and I help families like yours to find real homes

I’m 43 years old. I was born in Zaragoza into a family with a legal tradition (three generations of lawyers). I graduated in law, and in 2004. I started to practice law with my father Luis Javier Sagarra de Moor, specializing in real estate, property, urban planning, and construction law. Today, Sagarra Abogados is a family law firm with 48 years of experience.


We had a project in Mallorca:

Create a family and look for a home.

In 2010, as a result of a very important change in my life, I had to make the decision to move to Mallorca to live. I had met María Antonia, who would later become my wife.

The easiest path is not always the right one

We took the easiest path, going to several real estate agencies until we finally decided to buy a house that we like (well, I liked it more than María Antonia).


However, shortly after living in it, we realized that it did not feel like our home. We couldn’t adapt to it and this generated frustration because we had made a mistake. For us, family and home are the center of everything. What was the use of living in a paradise if the most important thing wasn’t there.

The real estate market jungle

I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to start from scratch in a place you do not know. I have also been able to analyze what the real estate market is like in Mallorca, with real estate agents fighting over every little corner of the island, as if Mallorca were just a business and the people who came to it were just a number.

Something had to change

During these 12 years, I have been able to get to know every corner of the island, and I have heard many stories of people who, like me, have had to make Mallorca their home, having a common denominator:

  • Lack of preparation for such an important decision.
  • The absence of an independent and trustworthy professional to accompany you, hand in hand, throughout the whole process from the moment you consider living in Mallorca to the actual search and purchase. But not with the purchase of a property in mind, but a home for your family, as a life project. A real HOME that adapts to the lifestyle of each family.


The light at the end of the tunnel

Faced with the need to change houses to find a real Home, I reflected a lot about us as individuals and as a family, about our lifestyle, and about our life project. I have always been very homely and started reading books related to the deeper psychological meaning of the “mirror of the self”, of “family identity” and of “home”. I needed to have the necessary guidelines to be able to determine without a doubt the specific area where we should live and what requirements a house should have, in order to have the potential to become a real home for our family.

What really matters is a real, authentic, and unique home

It is very important to be able to offer our family security and opportunities to generate small moments of great happiness and memories that will always remain in our memory. And this is only achieved when we feel at home.

Here we will generate experiences, our identity as a family, our modus vivendi, where we will forge our social network when friends come to visit us or we interact with the residents of the area. Every family should have a home and only if it is authentic and unique is it true.

I had managed to change our life by finding our HOME

Now I had the bases to search and find what is now our HOME, where we generate positive emotions such as happiness, pride, love … and satisfy our aspirations.

It was time to help other families to be happier, finding their home.

My experiences All this study, and the confinement as a result of COVID-19, made me think a lot and reflect to visualize the “HOUSETROPÍA” project. Law is my vocation, but it was time to create a unique method and be able to share my method and help and accompany other people who, like in my situation, come to Mallorca to start a life project, without having anyone or knowing anything.


The Identity Method

A method based on the empirical evidence of a multitude of scientific investigations and on the experience gathered over many years of knowledge of Mallorca and professional practice.

A method with which we have already helped many families prepare for one of the most important decisions of their lives, establishing a safe roadmap for this and finding a real home.



More than 300 sales and purchases processed.

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