HOUSETROPÍA is a company that offers services of Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, founded by Raúl Sagarra Tapia.

Lawyer by profession. Of a deep rooted and family tradition in law and with extensive experience in the real estate sector and real estate law, including urban law.

In my case it is love that brought me to Majorca.

I already knew the island as a tourist by sailing with my family in its marvellous waters, discovering its landscape, its most hidden conners, architecture, gastronomy and its healing and inspiring light.

Falling in love with my wife María Antonia (Majorcan) meant a great change in my life, but at the same time the beginning of the realisation of a dream, since I had always idealised being able to live in Mallorca. It is not the same to visit Mallorca on a holiday than to reside there, and understanding this helped me make the decision that, during my first months here, I should take off my watch and let myself be carried away by the enormous attraction that the island has, exploring it calmly to adapt to their lifestyle, their people and customs.

I fell in love again, but this time with the island and that’s when I caught a glimpse of its inner beauty, its essence, and its attraction. I knew then that the rest of my life would be spent here.

After some time, it was time to make two of the most important decisions in life, looking for a home, which was not easy, as well as practicing my profession and starting a business from scratch.

HOUSETROPÍA is a personal project that was born to contribute all my life lessons, experiences and relationships that I have forged during all these years in Majorca to all those people who, like me, have come to make Majorca their home.

Just like a lighthouse serves as a guide to navigators, we will search and find your ideal home in Majorca, we will assist you technically and legally throughout the purchase process and we will defend only your interests as buyers. We will also accompany you in all the procedures that are necessary to be able to reside in Majorca and establish your business.