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Taking the step of buying a property in Majorca is not an easy task. Rarely will you be completely sure that the most attractive option in the first instance will also be the best. Uncertainty due to lack of experience or knowledge of the property market in Majorca when it comes to buying or renting a property is a feeling you may have experienced. In fact, it is possible that you have not decided to buy a house or move to Majorca for fear of facing this adventure.

However, even if you have never heard of it, there is a professional who can help you on this arduous journey: the house hunter or real estate personal shopper in Mallorca (Buyer’s agent).

The personal shopper concept transferred to the real estate sector.

Real estate personal shoppers or house hunters have a greater presence in Anglo-Saxon countries, where their services to buyers are more common.

Here, in Spain, their participation in the search and purchase of homes has been gaining more and more importance in recent years.

There is even a formal association, which is none other than the Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shoppers (AEPSI).

Housetropia has positioned itself as one of the most attractive options to buy a property in Majorca through a Personal Property Shopper.

Housetropia, as a house hunter in Majorca, takes care of the complete management of the purchase of your property in Majorca.

We look for your house in Majorca among all the available real estate market.

We negotiate the price with the seller.

We offer free legal and tax advice.

As experts in the real estate market in Mallorca, we offer legal assistance to individuals and investors, streamlining the procedure so that you can save time and money. Ensuring that the final choice is based on technical and objective aspects.

The first reason is that the house hunter does not have a limited portfolio. Any house for sale in Mallorca is a real option.

On the contrary, the agent will only offer the properties available in the portfolio of his bank or real estate agency.

A real estate personal shopper in Mallorca works solely to satisfy the needs of the buyer. Their main mission is to protect their client and find the house that really fits their needs and desires, at the best price.

Prices vary according to the needs of the client. It is essential to know the objectives of the buyer in the first instance.

But the underlying idea is that it is a service that saves the consumer time and money, so we should not consider it as an expense. Moreover, the price is included in every customer’s purchase budget.

Price, features, hidden defects, location, are some of the issues that the personal shopper knows perfectly well. Not to mention the large amount of paperwork with the public administration that has to be dealt with.

The house hunter is able to facilitate your purchase and offer you solutions.

Bearing this in mind, it is necessary to disassociate the figure of the personal shopper from the high-end real estate market.